Interstellar: A Movie Review

Credit: IMDB

The Earth is dying and so is humanity. In order to save everyone, NASA is sending a small group on a mission into space to find the next Earth. Stumbling upon the hidden NASA building running this mission, Cooper, who used to fly for the military, is recruited as head pilot for the space ship. Leaving his kids behind, Cooper heads out with four other scientists to help save the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Like a few movies I have recently seen, the trailer for Interstellar does not do the movie justice. I saw the trailer when I was seeing another movie and honestly had no idea what it was about. But, since it was directed by Christopher Nolan, my husband and I decided to see it. And it did not disappoint. It’s another movie where I can see why the trailer was made to not give away too much. It’s a movie that has several twists and turns that you may not see (unless you are a sleuth at figuring movies out). I personally thought Interstellar was an excellent movie and highly recommend it to anyone, whether you’re interested in science fiction or not. The cast was well chosen and the acting was great, as was the overall story.

Keep in mind that it is a three hour movie, which tends to turn viewers off. However, I will say that Interstellar was a movie that did not feel like it was three hours. There was no point during the film that I thought ‘Is this almost over?’ In fact, there was one point where I thought the movie might be over, or at least winding down, and thought, ‘It can’t end now! They didn’t even explain this part yet!’ My only advice is not to rely on the trailer. Just see the movie.

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