The Grand Budapest Hotel: A Movie Review

Photo Source: IMDB

Gustave H. prides himself on being the best concierge, especially when it comes to old, blonde rich women, and instills his instincts of being the best in his lobby boy, Zero. When news arrives of the death of one of Gustave’s women, the two set out to her mansion where they learn that Gustave has been named as the recipient of a priceless painting in her will, which infuriates her son. Stealing the painting, Gustave and Zero enter into an adventure that includes being blamed for murder, as well as hiding from an assassin.

The only other Wes Anderson film I’ve watched was Moonrise Kingdom, and both were very enjoyable. The Grand Budapest Hotel was comical and had a great story line that will keep the viewer intrigued. However, I do recommend putting away all gadgets and focusing solely on the movie because there are small bits that go by so fast they might be easy to miss.

The acting helps bring alive brilliant characters that the viewer will be cheering for (or against, in the case of the villains) throughout the entire film, while the directing made the scenes flow easily from present, past, and future and between characters.

I’ve heard people say you’re either a fan of Wes Anderson or you’re not. If you are a Wes Anderson fan, or in the mood for something a little more artistic than your average film, I highly recommend The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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