Her: A Movie Review

In the final stages of a divorce and lonely, Theodore purchases an artificially intelligent operating system built to suit his every need, known as an OS1. What he doesn’t expect, however, is to fall in love. But as they learn about each other, he becomes drawn to his OS1, Samantha, and she to him. Now Theodore must face feelings of joy and doubt, while Samantha learns to deal with not having a physical form to be with him.

Her was an extremely eye opening and emotionally charged film, addressing the relationships (or lack thereof) we have between each other as people and comparing it to the relationships we have with electronics. I think Her is supposed to be a warning, in a way, about the future. It shows what life could turn into if we continue to strongly rely on electronic devices to interact with other people and provide us with information, even going as far as having complete strangers write letters to our loved ones for us.

However, the movie also touches on the theme of loving someone for who they are rather than what they look like or what they do for a living. I think this movie helps show the give and takes in a relationship and that every day will not be perfect. The movie represents a lot of different types of relationships in different stages, making the overall message universal.

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