Hitch: A Movie Review

Known as ‘the Date Doctor’, Alex Hitchens helps men land the woman of their dreams, but never commits to a relationship himself. While helping an accident prone accountant named Albert land the famous Allegra Cole, Hitch meets a gossip columnist named Sara and falls in love. But things become complicated when Sara is assigned to find out who Allegra Cole’s new love interest is and starts trying to dig out answers from Hitch.

Hitch was pretty typical for a romantic comedy. You have the good guy trying to help out the underdog, while at the same time trying to deal with his own issues. You have the smart, independent woman determined to live her life as she sees fit without having a love interest involved. Then you have the side kicks and the evil villain, who in this case had a very minor role and it looked like he was just thrown in there to bring about the final conflict.

I think Hitch was a good movie if you want a good laugh and to watch something light and that will make you feel good. But if you’re looking for something with more substance, I would probably go look for a different option.

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