Kingsman: The Secret Service: A Movie Review


Photo source: IMDB


Eggsy is your average street kid, just trying to survive while keeping his mother and little sister safe. One day, after being sprung from jail, he is approached by a man with an offer to apply for a group known as the Kingsman. Accepting the invitation, Eggsy soon finds surviving the application process is not the least of his worries when a tech genius named Valentine is preparing to unleash a plan that will help control the masses.

Overall, Kingsman: The Secret Service exceeded my expectations. From the trailer I didn’t think it was all that appealing (which mostly had to do the Samuel L. Jackson’s character, although in the context of the movie it didn’t bother me). But the overall story line to the movie was interesting, and sort of scary in relation to how technology is advancing in the real world making the scenario somewhat possible. The special effects were fantastic and I really enjoyed how the majority of the action scenes were sped up, which I thought gave something extra to the scenes when compared with your usual action scenes.

I did think the movie felt a bit long, however, and I wasn’t too crazy about a lot of the blood shed that was shown on screen, particularly in the church scene. I can see why it came into play in the movie, but it went on a little too long for my tastes.

Even with the few dislikes to the movie, I thought it was an entertaining and imaginative story.

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