The Weirdness by Jeremy P. Bushnell

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After a night of drinking away his troubles, Billy Ridgeway wakes up to find a stranger sitting on his couch. After further conversation, the stranger informs Billy that he is the Adversarial Manifestation of Satan and that he needs Billy’s help: to retrieve his Lucky Cat from a warlock before he uses it to destroy the world. If he succeeds in retrieving the Lucky Cat, Satan promises to have Billy’s book published. The catch? There is none. Still unsure whether it is wise to trust the devil or not, Billy decides to think it over. But when dire circumstances arise, he may not have any choice but to agree.

I first came across The Weirdness in a small book shop in New York City, and, just after reading the first page, knew I had to have it. I love when those gut feelings are right. The Weirdness was a hilarious novel that had me laughing out loud. Bushnell does a great job in developing his characters, giving each one a distinct personality that the reader will enjoy. Although I do wish I knew a little more about some of the characters’ pasts, I don’t think that lack of information takes anything away from the book.

Once I started reading, it would be several hours before I could put it down. Bushnell keeps the plot moving at an even pace. There was never a point when reading that I wondered when the next interesting thing would happen. Bushnell does a great job at throwing in twists that the reader will not see coming, but not too many that it’s overwhelming.

So if you’re looking for a great comedic fantasy novel, I suggest giving The Weirdness a try.

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