Rock Star (2001): A Movie Review

rock-star-movie-poster-2001-1020213041Chris Cole is the lead singer for a Steel Dragon tribute band. But when his band mates think he’s taking it too seriously, they quickly replace him with a rival who can’t hit the right notes. Just when Chris begins to think his life is over, he receives a call from Kirk Cuddy, the guitarist of Steel Dragon, inviting him to come and audition for the band. Finally living the dream he always wanted, will Chris be satisfied with his new life or will he realize that his dream is not what he imagined before it’s too late.

Mark Whalberg has a great performance as Chris Cole and works well alongside Jennifer Aniston who plays his girlfriend. One of the aspects of the movie I really liked was the similarities going on between Chris’s life and the members of his favorite band. It helped foreshadow later obstacles while adding in irony and comedy.

Rock Star is a funny movie with serious undertones. It shows what consequences may have to be faced for getting exactly what you want, including losing yourself and those you love. However, it also shows the potential of finding your true self in the process and knowing what you really want out of life.

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