Being Flynn by Nick Flynn

Nick and his father do not talk to each other. Nick’s mother left his father when him and his brother were very young, taking the two boys with her and raising them on her own. Nick’s communication with him is scarce until he is older, when he begins working at a homeless shelter in Boston. When Nick’s father’s addiction lands him in the homeless shelter, Nick feels trapped and tries to avoid his father at every cost. But after the death of his mother, as he works on collecting information on her from past boyfriends and acquaintances, a small, unexpected relationship begins to form that he probably didn’t expect.

Being Flynn is a memoir by Nick Flynn about his father and their relationship. Originally published as Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, the books name was changed after it was adapted into the movie Being Flynn starring Robert De Niro and Paul Dano.

Overall, I thought Being Flynn was an interesting book. It was relatively short and only took me two days to read. Nick’s writing style is straightforward and simple. The story itself was interesting because it gives you a look into Nick’s life and how he dealt with situations that were out of his control while still trying to maintain a normal lifestyle. I felt that Nick was more like his father than he would want to admit, but unlike his father, he had a better handle on life. Being Flynn is definitely a book I would recommend to someone looking for a gritty and honest memoir.

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