Doctor Strange: A Movie Review

doctor-strange-comic-con-posterA neurosurgeon who can solve the most difficult cases, Dr. Stephen Strange experiences tragedy when he is in a car accident that damages the nerves in his hands. With his ego challenged, Dr. Strange is determined to find a way to stop his hands from shaking so he can return to work. He travels to Kathmandu seeking to learn the art of healing through the mind, only to discover a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions being manipulated by a group bent on destroying the world in their search for immortality.

There wasn’t much lacking for Doctor Strange. It was on par with most Marvel origin stories: great acting and an interesting plot that moves a bit fast but not so fast that it is confusing or glosses over anything. What I thought made Doctor Strange rise above other Marvel movies was the special effects, which were far beyond what one would normally see in a Marvel film. The complexity of the special effects added to the film as a whole, and luckily did not look cheesy because, for me, that would have taken away from the movie instead of adding to it. One aspect with the acting that I found funny was that almost every time Benedict Cumberbatch spoke, his voice sounded exactly like Hugh Laurie’s in his role as House, which actually fit really well since the characters Dr. Strange and Dr. House are very similar.

So if you are a fan of the Marvel movies, don’t miss out on seeing Doctor Strange, especially for the tease at the end for the next Thor film.


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