Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox

133729In his memoir Lucky Man, Michael J. Fox describes his rise as a young actor, as well as his battle with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease: from hiding it for the first 8 years after being diagnosed to “coming out” to the public about his diagnosis.

The only aspect that I didn’t like about Lucky Man was that there were a few sections that I thought were a little slow. But beyond that, I thought it was well written. As someone who does not claim to be a writer, Fox did an excellent job telling his own story in a voice that kept it real. He was very humble in describing his trials and tribulations over the course of his life, and managed to weave in some comic relief to his story, making it easier to take in what he had gone through. I felt like he showed through his writing exactly the kind of person he is: one of the kindest and funniest souls you may ever meet.

I specifically wanted to read this book because my dad passed away from Parkinson’s Disease in 2015. It was interesting to be able to read about a disease I had come into contact with first hand from another person’s perspective, especially since no one has the same experience. I learned a lot of information about Parkinson’s Disease that I didn’t know prior to reading, such a statistics and names of some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease that I was unaware of.

Lucky Man is definitely a must read for a wide range of people: those with P.D., their family, fans of Michael J. Fox, and more. It’s informative, heart wrenching, and comical all in one, and the profits made from this book go toward the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

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