Lion: A Movie Review

1487573786_garth-davis-lion-has-been-traveling-across-globe-earning-recognitions-accolades-galore-filmWhen on a journey with his brother to look for work, Saroo becomes lost when he falls asleep on an out-of-service train and wakes up to find himself traveling away from his home town and everyone he knows. The train arrives in Calcutta, leaving Saroo stranded with no money and unable to speak Bengali. Eventually, he is sent to an orphanage before being adopted by an Australian couple. Years later, while studying to become a hotel manager, Saroo begins to have memories about a brother and mother he once had in India. With the help of Google Earth, Saroo begins his journey to find the town he came from and the family he lost many years prior.

I had never heard of this movie until my husband asked if I wanted to go see it. Once I read the synopsis, my immediate answer was yes. Lion was a powerful movie that told the heartwrenching story of a lost boy who finally finds his way home. Although some people may shy away from the movie because of this, I really appreciated that half of the movie used subtitles, which helped give authenticity to the story. I also liked that they included some real footage at the end of the film of Saroo and his family to show that this actually happened.

The only problem I had with the movie was I felt that it jumped around a bit too much. While the scenes provided enough of the story for the viewer to understand what was going on and how it was progressing, I wish I knew more of what happened during those time periods when he was a child. However, I do understand that not every little detail could be included in the movie, and I do think the writer and director found the best way to portray the movement of time throughout the film.

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