Spiral Paths 1: Stone Dogs by Paul Jessup

In this short story collection, Paul Jessup’s stories revolve around similar themes, including birds, monsters, and odd books, among others. What I liked the most about these stories was the way that the seemed to start off as if they were a normal story, but then turn into these weird, fantastical, dream-like tales that captivate the reader and make them think about what they’re reading. Readers should definitely share these stories with their friends so they can discuss what occurred and get an even better feel of what the overall story is saying.

As with Open Your Eyes, there were several typos throughout this collection, but not so bad that it really took me out of the story. Some of the stories also fell a little flat for me at the end. As if there should be a bit more to satisfy the reader. However, I can’t complain too much about that since I also enjoy leaving endings of short stories open ended so readers can make their own interpretation. I was still sucked into the story enough to want to know what happened next, which is always good (even if I’m left a bit unsatisfied at the end).

If you’re looking for some weird short stories to delve into, I highly recommended downloading a copy of Spiral Paths 1: Stone Dogs.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this story collection by participating in a Patreon run by Paul Jessup.

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