Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

18812437Hudson, Bree, Elliot, and Sonia are all experiencing a rough patch in their life, some unknowingly and some fully aware. The one thing they have in common is Leila: a teen girl in the middle of a road trip to see the Northern Lights. She seems to appear when these four teens need it the most. What they don’t know is Leila is going through her own struggles with the hope that this journey will help solve them.

Let’s Get Lost is another ebook I learned about through Twitter and bought this year because it was on sale. Once I read a preview of the book I knew I had to have it. What I liked about this book was it took a lot of hard topics—relationships, loss, grief—and personalizes them to make them relateable to readers. What’s even better is that each person’s story of loss is in different forms, from the loss of a scholarship to the loss of family and the loss of a significant other. While Adi Alsaid’s writing is simple, he was not afraid to mix some complex terms into the story which added to the elegance.

Although I loved the overall story, there were some parts that I found to be a bit confusing. Maybe it was the structuring of the sentences, but I would read some lines one way only to find out it meant something else. For example, there’s a part where Alsaid writes that a gas station is on the same street as a record store, only to then say the record store is across the street from the gas station. He is accurate when he writes that the record store is on the same street as the gas station because they would share the same street address, however, I took it to mean on the same side of the street so it threw me off a little when he then wrote that it was across the street. So, this probably has to do more with the way that the reader interprets the meaning than how it was written and is not that big of a deal. Just something that stuck out to me.

I also wished that I knew more about the ending of each character’s story. Particularly Elliot and Bree’s stories. I feel the end ties up nicely for Leila, which is good since we follow her the entire time, and Hudson and Sonia’s stories come to a satisfying end, but I felt the reader is left guessing about what happens to Elliot and Bree. I was hoping that at the end everyone would show up in Alaska and learn all about Leila (sorry about that spoiler, but it doesn’t happen). However, maybe the fact that we are left wondering is part of the charm of this book.

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