Vicious by V.E. Schwab


Ten years after Victor and Eli—college roommates with the same ambitions—both had near-death experiences that changed the course of their lives, Victor breaks out of prison determined to catch up with his old friend. With the help of his cell mate and a young girl with her own special abilities, Victor finds Eli hard at work tracking down and disposing of every other super-powered person he can find. And he is just as eager to see Victor again as Victor is to see him.

Vicious is the third book by Victoria Schwab I’ve read this year (with the hope of reading one more before the year is out). Over the course of the year, she has become one of my favorite authors, creating characters and worlds that inspire me both as a reader and a writer. And Vicious was no different.

There probably wasn’t anything about this book that I could point at and be like, “Yeah, I didn’t really like that.” I was enchanted by all of the characters. They each had their own distinct personalities, and each came with their own background stories that were slowly revealed as the main story unraveled. The pacing of the story was well done—none of it dragged, but it also didn’t feel rushed at any point, as sometimes can happen at the end of a book. The ending was also the perfect mixture of closure with hope for a continuation, which is currently in the works and one I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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