Short Stories

The Rind Literary Magazine, 2018
The Voyeur
Hidden/Chapter, 2017
The Knave of Hearts’ Innocence
Zoetic Press, NonBinary Review #10: Alice in Wonderland, 2016
The Urchin
Smashed Cat Magazine, 2014
HelloHorror, 2013
The Were-Traveler, 2013
Siren’s Call: Women in Horror edition, 2013
Finding Love in the City
Yorick Magazine, 2012
A Traditional Ghost Story
Spark, 2012
The Bereft
Z-Composition, 2012
The Dream Where Jason Segel is my Boyfriend
CoffinMouth, 2011
The Forbidden Door
Yesteryear Fiction, 2010

Additional Publications

The Warrior, Freedom Fiction Journal, 2012

Fences, Referential Magazine, 2011 (reprinted in the 2013 “Best Of” edition)

The Family Affair, Prism, 2011