Choosing an Audience(blog 18)

After thinking about my pieces I realize they are all about experiences that people go through at the high school/college level age. They are about relationships, finding out who you are, and advice. I don’t think my work is really literary, but more for the average person to just enjoy.

Some places I would consider sending my work:

Hunger Mountain

I think this journal would fit some of my work because it focuses on the art that is in the work. Two pieces I would consider sending to this (after editing) are my one on books and the one on Muggle Quidditch. I think those two would fit the most because they are about topics that gravitate more toward an artistic topic.


I think this journal would fit some of my work because they accept personal essays and narratives, which is what we have been working on. I think either “I” piece (after editing) could be used for this publication.


I think this journal would be a good one to try because they take a wide variety of pieces. I would have to read through their journal (along with the other ones) to get a feel for what they are really looking for first, but afterward I would be able to decide exactly what piece would be good to send in. The only hesitations I have is that this one seems to have published more fiction and poetry lately than creative nonfiction. This could mean one of two things: no one has sent in any creative nonfiction lately or they are very tough with their creative nonfiction. Either can be good and bad situations.

These three are journals I would definitely look into more. From reading their submission guidelines I get the feeling that these journals all focus on topics that I would find interesting to write about. There are probably more choices out there to look into as well. I just have to find them first.

Over and out.