Open Your Eyes by Paul Jessup

5145tmqhtjl-_sy346_Abandoned in the middle of space after her lover—a supernova—dies, Ekhi is picked up by a small space craft with a sole, secretive mission. But as the mission comes to an end,  the crew begin to realize that they may not be as “in charge” of the mission as they believe to be. With a ship with an agenda of its own and an untrustworthy captain, will the crew finally make it home alive or succumb to a mysterious illness plaguing other space ports?

From the beginning, Open Your Eyes hits the ground running with a fast paced and exciting plot. We are dropped in the middle of space and watch as a sinister and surprising plot unfolds. Readers will enjoy a space world colorfully described without taking too much attention away from the main plot. Under 200 pages, Open Your Eyes is a fast read that captured my attention from beginning to end and was hard for me to put down.

While I enjoyed the story, there are two aspects that I felt, if resolved, would make the story just a little bit better. First, there were a lot of typos throughout that seemed to become more frequent as the book went on. It wasn’t something that personally took me out of the story, but it was noticeable. Secondly, I wish there was a little more to the story than was written, specifically when it came to the characters. While the reader is provided with an overview of the characters and their relationship to one another, I feel like the story would be more complete if there was a little more background provided to help the reader see why they acted the way that they did.

However, if you’re a lover of science fiction looking for a quick read with an enticing plot, I recommend downloading a copy of Open Your Eyes.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book by participating in a Patreon run by Paul Jessup.