Maleficent: A Movie Review

We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty: beautiful girl is cursed at birth by an evil fairy who was not invited to the party. The curse: on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger and fall into a death like sleep. The only thing that can wake her is true love’s kiss.

But what if that wasn’t the whole story?

In the 2014 movie adaptation,¬†Maleficent, Angelina Jolie plays the evil fairy, who didn’t start out so evil. As a child, Maleficent was playful and full of joy. Living in the Moor with all the other fantastical creatures, they remained nestled away from humans, who are greedy and ambitious. Until one day, when a young boy named Stefan enters the Moor and tries to steal a gem. Maleficent confronts him and the two become friends. On her 16th birthday, Stefan gives Maleficent true love’s kiss. Unfortunately for Maleficent, it was all a lie.

With Stefan’s ambition getting the best of him, he doesn’t return to the Moor, but makes his way in the king’s graces. The king, who was very greedy, tries to take the Moor, but Maleficent and the other creatures stop him. On his death bed, the king claims that whoever can kill Maleficent will be his successor when he dies. Although Stefan cannot bring himself to kill his childhood friend, he still betrays her. With the king believing Maleficent is dead, he dies naming Stefan as his successor.

Hatred creeps its way into Maleficent’s heart. When she hears of the birth of King Stefan’s ¬†daughter, she decides to get revenge and curses the baby. But what she doesn’t know is true love’s kiss is more real than she could ever imagine.

When I originally heard they were coming out with a movie about Maleficent, I thought: meh. But after seeing several previews, I knew I had to go see it. And I am so happy I did. Disney did not disappoint.

The design of the creatures of the Moor were excellent. I loved the entire story line: that there is more behind Maleficent’s curse and how she turned out to be evil then we know. The only problem I had with it was I thought the ending was a bit predictable. But even so, I highly recommend it for anyone who loves Disney movies or fairy tales, no matter what age.

Grade: A