The Lucky One: A Movie Review

I’m going to be honest:┬áthis is the last movie I would have picked to see. Not that I have anything against romances or Nicholas Sparks (although none of his books turned movies will ever be as good as A Walk to Remember) or Zac Efron (but I must admit I’ve never been a fan). The only reason why I saw it was because a friend I don’t get to see very often wanted to see it, so I said I’d go with her. Cause I’m a good friend like that.

The Lucky One tells the story of Logan (Zan Efron) who just finished his third tour as a marine in Iraq. During his final tour, while many of his friends were being killed, he was miraculously saved by the photo of a beautiful blonde woman. Once he returns to America he’s determined to find her and thank her for saving him. But when he finally finds her in Louisiana, saying the right words is harder than he thinks. His hesitation carries through several months of finding friendship, love, and a home.

I will say right away that the movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was preparing myself for a movie that I would either be extremely bored or cry the entire time. But I was neither.

While certain circumstances, the war for instance, brought on some sad moments, like the death of lead actress Taylor Schilling’s brother, but nothing was really a tear jerker moment. In fact, the ending of this Nicholas Sparks movie is far from upsetting. More of a celebration. But I won’t say any more!

Grade: B