Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: A Movie Review

Warning: tear jerker (and spoilers) ahead. Proceed with caution.

Oscar Schell (Thomas Horn) enjoys spending time with his father (Tom Hanks). While Oscar is afraid of almost everything in the world, his father helps him find the confidence to get out and meet people and go places he wouldn’t otherwise go. However, on the day of 9/11, Oscar watches as his father tragically loses his life in the World Trade Center.

A year later, Oscar finds a key in his father’s closet with the name “Black” written on it. Believing it’ll lead to something from his father, Oscar is determined to find what the key opens with the hopes that it’ll bring him closer to his father.

Based off the book by the same title, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was an amazing movie, giving the viewer an inside look into the life of a child who lost a parent in 9/11. It was definitely a tough movie to watch, especially since Oscar also has aspergers, which leads him to try to make sense of a situation that will never make sense in the end. I will admit that I cried through half of the movie.

However, there were a few things I didn’t quite understand. I don’t understand the reappearance of the grandfather. I get he was trying to make amends with his family, but I feel like it was out of the blue and didn’t really have an explanation. Also, the fact that Oscar goes in a complete circle before finding out the true use of the key kind of annoyed me. Yes, I get that he couldn’t find the meaning of the key right away cause then there would be no movie and no moral, but maybe it could have been played out differently.

These questions lead me to wonder if they will be answered if I read the book. They may or may not be, but I’ll never know unless I find out.

Grade: A