Blood and Chocolate: A movie review

Haven’t done a review on a werewolf film in quite some time, but here it is.

Blood and Chocolate follows Vivian (Agnes Bruckner), a young werewolf. Although part of a pack, Vivian seems to be alone, not completely OK with the way of the werewolf. When she meets Aiden (Hugh Dancy) and learns about his comic book about werewolves, she becomes intrigued, but knows better than to pursue him. Especially since she is promised to the leader of the pack. However, Aiden doesn’t know about her or that he should stay away, so he continues to persuade her to go out with him. But when the two lovers are discovered, they must strive to survive or risk dying in the fight.

This was a great werewolf movie. Not your stereotypical werewolves, these Loup Garou can transform at the scent of blood, and I usually hate when the werewolf can transform at other times besides the full moon. However, they had an amazing back story for why it was possible for that to happen, which explained it so well that I almost had to accept it as truth.

The only real problem I had with this movie is that I felt it was too long. There was a spot where I thought it was the ending, but I was wrong because the movie went on for another 20 minutes before it was officially over. The ending wasn’t bad, but I do wish that they had cut it shorter because there probably were a few parts they could have taken out.

Grade: A-

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