Lost in Translation: A Movie Review

The one good thing with having Netflix is now I can watch a bunch of different movies that I may or may not like and not be annoyed that I spent money on a movie I really didn’t like. Not that Lost in Translation was terrible. It was a decent movie, but very strange.

Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is an actor traveling to Tokyo for a commercial gig. In the hotel bar, he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), a young wife who is staying in Tokyo with her husband while he takes a photography job. Both Bob and Charlotte are drawn together by their lack of enjoyment in the city, as well as their lack of sleep. With no end in sight to their insomnia, the two stick together and form a very unlikely bond.

I just didn’t feel like this movie really had a point. Yes, the two don’t like being in Tokyo so they have something in common, but nothing really came out of it. Bob Harris is in the middle of a bad marriage, while Charlotte is 2 years into hers. Both are feeling alone and I honestly was expecting some racey affair to go on between the two of them. However, nothing really did besides a small kiss good bye at the end.

Overall, it was an interesting movie, keeping me wondering if something would actually happen between the two of them, but when nothing did happen I was left wondering why I spent the last hour and a half (really? It felt way longer) watching it. It was really just a feel good movie that shows that you aren’t as alone as you think. Really, I think I got lost in the movie’s translation.

Grade: C

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