Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

If you’ve ever wondered how Peter learned to fly or where Tinkerbell came from or how Neverland was founded, Peter and the Starcatchers will help you discover more about Peter’s world.

One early morning, Peter and some of his friends from the orphanage, James, Prentiss, Thomas, and Tubby Ted, are taken to a boat yard where they are given to first mate Slank to be workers on his boat, the Never Land, before being left in Rundoon as slaves to a powerful, and merciless, king. However, what they didn’t know was that a powerful treasure was brought on the boat in secret to also be brought to the king of Rundoon.

But, on this boat, secrets don’t stay secret for long. Finding out about the chest, Peter is curious to find out what is in it. Even with warnings from the new ambassador to Rundoon’s daughter, Molly Aster, Peter plans to find out about the treasure with or without her help. Lucky for him, she agrees to tell him what’s in the chest, and she goes on a wild story about starstuff, which can give people impossible powers, and the battle between the starcatchers, who try to use the starstuff for good, and the others, who only try to use the starstuff to their advantage. When he doesn’t automatically believe her, Molly pulls out a locket filled with the starstuff and reveals its power by flying.

Peter is not the only one curious about the treasure. Captain Black Stache, the most feared pirate on the seven seas, learns about the treasure and is determined to get it for himself. After chasing and overtaking a military boat that he thought had the treasure, Black Stache turns his eyes to the Never Land which he overtakes easily. Peter and Molly, however, fight hard to keep Black Stache away from the chest, eventually throwing it overboard. After overtaking the Never Land, a storm breaks, destroying the rest of the boat, and stranding Peter, Molly, the orphan boys, and others on an island inhabited by the Mullosks, who aren’t too keen on visitors.

With the Mullosks bent on killing the boys and Molly determined to get the chest to safety even with Slank, Black Stache and his band of pirates bearing down on them, Peter is up for the biggest adventure of his life.

Although part of the story contradicts what we already know about Peter, I still it was an interesting prelude to the adventures we read about in Peter Pan. It sets up a new world for us to enjoy, and it doesn’t end on the last page. Apparently this is just the first book of the series.

So, if you’re interested on a journey back to your childhood, or wish to continue your child on Peter’s adventures, Peter and the Starcatchers is a must read.

Grade: A+

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