Holy Musical B@man! — Team Starkid has done it again!

If you have never heard of Team Starkid before, I suggest you go google them right now (or you could just click the link I embedded).

Started at the University of Michigan, Starkid Productions (aka Team Starkid) is a group of actors, writers, designers, directors, and producers all here to make us some totally awesome musicals that we will quote and mimic for the rest of our lives. Or some of us anyway.

Although this post has the title of their latest release, Holy Musical B@man, I will actually be talking about each individual show since I hadn’t done so before, putting them in the order that I enjoy them best.

#5: Me and My Dick

Yes, sadly, Me and My Dick has made it in last place. The reason behind this may seem trivial to some, but for me it’s a pretty big downside: it’s too long.

Yes, yes, boo me if you must, but seriously, the beginning of the show was phenomenal. The writers definitely have a talent for comedy because it is always a main feature in their shows. But by time the second act came around I was becoming… well… slightly bored.

Me and My Dick is a coming of age musical about teenagers and, you guessed it, their genitals and all the trouble teenagers can get into with them. It has hilarious moments and great characters, two of my favorites which happen to be Flopsy and Old Snatch, some dirty vajayjay’s that belong to the popular girls.

Where the show went wrong was it tried to tie in a lot of characters and plots all at once. I haven’t re-watched it, but from what I can remember the story got complicated and I just felt that there was a lot that they had in there that could’ve been removed. Honestly, if it was shorter it might’ve made it higher on the list.

Grade: B-


#4: Starship

This one and my number 3 choice had a battle for a while.

The plot of Starship follows a bug named Bug and his dreams on becoming a Starship Ranger, which is, in fact, a human fleet. But he doesn’t care. It’s all he’s ever wanted to be. But all the other bugs on his planet make fun of him. However, when a Starship Ranger spaceship crashes onto their planet and Bug saves one of the women, February, is this his one chance to become a Starship Ranger? Or will evil plans and the human’s fear of the bugs stand in his way?

I thought this musical had a very interesting plot. It didn’t go off in too many directions and the music that accompanied it was amazing. Every now and then I will suddenly start singing “I Wanna Be”, even though I only remember a line from it, as well as “Kick it up a Notch (Reprise)” (sung by one of my favorite actors of all time, Brian Holden). I also feel that the music was enhanced because this was the first time they had microphones. In the three previous plays it was hard to hear some of the lines because they had no microphone system, so I was really happy they were finally able to afford it because it only helped them. Not to mention the actors they cast are just stunning. I can see a lot of them going far!

Grade: B+


#3:A Very Potter Sequel

If you know me at all you’re probably very shocked that A Very Potter Sequel was ranked in the #3 spot. Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and yes this show was amazing with very memorable quotes, but it goes back to what I was saying about Me and My Dick.

Yes, here it is again, the length issue, but this time it doesn’t stop there. This one I wasn’t too bothered by how long it was, although I did catch myself wondering where they were going with it. I also felt that the music wasn’t as good in this one as it was in other shows.

So you’re probably wondering: how did this beat Starship? Because of the actors/characters.

Having Joe Walker play Umbridge was just genius! He is HILARIOUS and an amazing actor. Then you have Lauren Lopez who is the BEST Draco Malfoy on Earth. I don’t think the character would be as enjoyable if someone else played him. And, of course, there’s Brian Holden as Remus Lupin (the only character I ever see him as anymore) and Joe Moses as Severus Snape. I could keep going on, but it’d be easier to say that this show was casted very well.

Also there are lines I will always remember. In fact, me and my friend made it a point to memorize Seamus Finnigin’s Sirius Black story, cockney accent and all. I plan to quote it one day when the opportunity comes up.

Grade: A


#2: Holy Musical B@man!

Yes, somehow Team Starkid’s newest production has wiggled it’s way into the #2 spot. I’m not a big fan of superheroes. I enjoy seeing the movies and I think the concept of superheroes is interesting, but I never read any of the comics and I really only see the movies when my friends want to or if it looks exceptionally good.

But Holy Musical B@man made its way in because of the comedy (and because of it’s brevity). Joe Walker, again, is amazing. His portrayal of Batman, and that deep voice that almost everyone makes fun of, was awesome. The music was also pure gold. I felt that it really had an 80’s vibe to it, and since I’m a fan of 80’s music, it really won me over. My top two favorite songs, though, would have to be “Rogues are We” and “To Be a Man”.

But I think what made me really love the show were the villains. I loved their movements, the way they talked, acted, just everything! I especially loved Sweet Tooth and his similarities to The Joker (who died in the very beginning of the musical… oops.. spoiler!). I also thought that Jeff Blim acted a lot like Jim Carey, making me actually have to do double takes several times.

However, this is not a kids show. There is a lot of cursing, so be warned before you let your children watch this one!

Grade: A


#1: A Very Potter Musical

By process of elimination you should have already known this one. Yes, although A Very Potter Sequel is in the #3 spot, the original will always be #1 for me. It was Team Starkid’s first production, and, in my opinion, their best (obviously). I know the entire soundtrack by heart and I wouldn’t be surprised if I know almost all the words either (I do quote this show a lot). I’ve watched it numerous times to relax when I’ve felt stressed because it makes me laugh every time. It was our first taste of what Team Starkid could do and they obviously did a totally awesome job with it since they’re still around, helping keep theater alive!

Grade: A+

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